Hotel Facilities

The hotel has a restaurant, gift shop and hot spring (onsen) for our guests.

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RestaurantIs located at the 2nd floor. We have special meal with seasonal ingredients.

Hot Spring “Onsen”Is located at the 1st floor.

Midly alkaline, high temperature.
15:00 (all night)

How to Enjoy Onsen

Gift ShopAt the 1st floor next to the entrance we have a little souvenirs shop. You can find local products and also ski accessories.

07:00 to 21:00

Other Facilities

*For our guests we have a special locker for your snowboard, ski and other accessories. Lockers are in a special warm room.
*At the 2nd floor we have table tennis board, its free and all our guests can use it.
*The hotel has 2 Mahjong table
*The hotel has 2 karaoke rooms.

Please check the availability for Mahjong and karaoke rooms at the front desk or when you contact to the hotel. (500yen/hour per person)

*At the first floor we have Massage chairs. (200yen)

How to Enjoy Onsen

*First of all, you will completely undress in the dressing room. And you won't wear a bathing suit. You must be naked when you enter an onsen.

*Once in the bathing area, take a shower before getting in to the tub. (When you take shower please take a sit in the little chair)

*Please don’t get in the bath with towel.

*Please do not run or swim in the bathroom, the baths are for relaxing.

*It is strictly prohibited to take a picture or video in the Onsen.

*Please do not wash your clothes in the Onsen.

*Please wipe your body with your towel before returning the dressing room.

The water may feel a little too hot for those not used to it, as it's around 40°C.

Attention: Avoid getting in the Onsen just after dining or if you are drinking alcohol.